Thursday, May 23, 2013

On Branching Out! Birdhouse Time!

I've been nervous about trying new things as I'm very good at being all the gear and no idea! Anyway I'd got hold of a blank birdhouse and been dying to vintage it up scrapbook stylee so had a go at it yesterday and am well happy with the results.

I used my Tim Holtz Alterations dies for the decorations and painted it, stamped it, distressed it and sealed it... And it's so cute! I had painted it gold and brown to start off with but changed my mind! The pics below show the stages and the finished item... Going to do some more for sure... Nice to have a bit of variety on my next stall. (Which is the Arte Souk in Times Square in July- plenty of time to get some new stock built up)

Hope you like my vintage birdy box....

How it looked before I got at it!

I didn't like the gold wasn't vintagey enough for me

That's better... All brown! Nice though cos the gold glimmers through a little bit... On purpose I did that of course hahaha!

The Tim Holtz die cut bits and bobs I'd made... Distressed and stamped and sealed. I covered the top birdy hole with the lock to make it look funky!

Stamped the roofs with a Tim Holtz stamp and sealed... Am praying it dries clear at this point!

And voila! Finished!

Finished cheep cheep :) I really enjoyed making this.. More to follow I predict!

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