Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crafty Update

 So... what have I been doing? I hear you cry... I've been mega busy so sorry for the blogsilence! I'm back now!

I've been busy making so many albums this year- I've now got a physical location to sell my products as well as the markets I attend and my online store... so it's been hectic making sure I have enough stock for all 3! I managed it though.

My wares are in a beautiful gift shop called Artistique Boutique- it's an amazing shop in The Green Community... packed full of local and internationally made gifts... every time I go and drop my stock off I end up spending loads of money. They've got great home decorations at really affordable prices and they're also a bit quirky- you won't see them anywhere else in Dubai. They also do craft and jewellery lessons... perfect!

I'm using the summer here in Dubai to build up my collection for the winter months- it's too hot to do any markets at the moment- so I'm planning ahead. You can read the article I wrote for on how to survive a craft market here>> It's full of tips and ideas making sure you're well prepared for what to expect.

I've been busy stocking up my Little Majlis store as well as doing an interview with them as their featured crafter for August- oooh the fame!

I've also been trying out some new crafts- I went on an amazing book binding course learning the technique of this ancient art, it's really helped my scrapbooking techniques too, I also have been learning how to make painted wooden signs with sayings on. I know they are getting a bit cliched now but I still really like them and was happy to make my first one yesterday... let's see if they sell!

Other than that I've been crafting away- have had a lot of special orders as well which has been great fun!

So bye for now and will be back soon :)

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